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資訊科學與管理領域學生學術交流研討會是國際研討會「The IET International
Conference on Frontier Computing – Theory, Technologies and Applications」針對國內
享執行研究與國際期刊投稿經驗。學生作者在註冊後,同時可以參加The IET International
Conference on Frontier Computing 國際研討會,且發表的論文將收錄於有ISBN 碼的研討

- 創新資訊科技技術發展
- 資訊管理與資訊系統應用
- 網路技術與資訊安全
- 電子商務與電子化企業
- 數位內容與數位典藏
- 資訊教育與遠距學習
- 人工智慧與資料探勘
- 無線通訊與行動計算

- 第一梯次:2010/04/20 - 2010/05/20
論文接受通知 2010/06/01
- 第二梯次:2010/05/21 - 2010/06/15
※ 第二梯次錄取稿件數將受限於第一梯次錄取率
- 全文稿件上傳:2010/07/01

1. 投稿論文可以中文或英文撰寫,請於投稿截止日前將論文摘要及本文電子檔(PDF格式)上傳至本研討會網站(,論文格式請參考,論文總頁數(含摘要、本文、參考文獻)以十頁為上限。

*** 所有稿件(不論中文或英文),請將作者資訊(包括姓名、任職單位、電子郵件),統一單獨彙整於論文的最後一頁(此頁不計入論文的總頁數)。論文全文中請勿揭露作者資訊以利論文審查。

2. 論文投稿流程分為二個步驟:

第一步驟請於投稿系統(中點選[Authors]->[Submit an abstract],並以『英文』輸入各欄位資料(註:中文會產生亂碼),完成後,系統會寄發Paper id及Password至作者信箱。

第二步驟請於投稿系統點選[Authors]->[Upload a paper],並於系統畫面輸入Paper id及Password後,按Submit即可進入論文全文上傳畫面,在Upload的欄位選擇要上傳的論文稿件檔案後,按Submit即完成上傳程序。投稿系統只接受PDF格式檔案。

3. 被接受之論文將收錄於研討會論文集中,作者需授權且至少一位作者註冊報名及出席議報告論文
Paper Submission

Main Conference
Submitted papers may not have appeared in or being considered for another conference or journal. Submissions received after the due date or exceeding length limit may not be considered. Prospect authors may contact the conference chairs for more information, by sending email to with your questions. The proceedings will be published through the IET Press and will be made online through the IET/IEEE Digital Library.

Manuscripts should be structured as technical papers using the IET format for conference proceedings (the length of the manuscript is limited to 6 A4 pages, 2-column, single-spaced 10-point Times fully justified text). A number of other instructions can be found in the file (link: IET Conference Paper Submission format file). Submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be returned without review. Authors should submit the manuscript in PDF format and in English. All manuscripts will be reviewed and will be judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance, quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference attendees. Two additional pages will be allowed and purchased with additional publication fee.

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Conference Proceedings Information:

ISBN 978-1-84919-208-8
IET International Conference on Frontier Computing - Theory, Technologies and Applications, 4-6 August 2010, Taichung, Taiwan

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Best and outstanding papers of this conference will be invited to
extend their papers to appear in Special Issues of international
journals (EI indexed)

Journal of Computers(JCP)

Journal of Networks(JNW):